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Megalodon Tooth
Superb Megalodon Tooth

Megalodon Tooth
Colour and patina perfect

Megalodon Tooth
Small chip in tooth

Megalodon Tooth
Lifesize Megalodon jaws

Megalodon Tooth

Product description

This tooth is in perfect condition, with a small chip on one side of the tooth, probably caused when the shark was feeding. Possibly from a hard shelled creature, such as a turtle.

It is quite unusual also that it was discovered in Jamaica.

Carcharodon megalodon was a huge shark growing up to 60 feet in length. It swam the oceans of the world in the Oligocene and Neogene periods, some 25m to 1.5m years ago, and was one of the most fearsome predators the oceans have ever witnessed.

The colour and patina are superb on this tooth.

Size:  12cms long.





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