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Super quality Mesolimulus Crab

Raised in 3D on the plate surface

Incredible fossil detail

Visible trackway on the matrix

Fantastic display Mesolimulus


Product description

A wonderful example of the extinct Horseshoe Crab, Mesolimulus walchi, discovered in the Solnhofen limestone deposits , Eichstatt, Germany.

The crab dates from the Upper Jurassic Period, 150 million years old.

The modern day Horseshoe crab is a relative of the extinct Mesolimulus, and appears almost identical. When evolution produces a creature totally suited to its environment, there is little purpose in it evolving further.
They first appeared in the Ordivician Period, more than 440 million years ago, and have changed very little over the last 300 million years,

They have very distinctive trackways, originally thought to have been produced by pterosaurs or birds.
However, they are now attributed to Mesolimulus, and they were formed by the last leg of the crab, which was modified to push the crab along.

The Solnhofen Limestone Lagerstatte, is one of the most famous fossil sites in the world. Renowned for the incredibly delicate preservation.
Arguably, the most famous fossil of all was discovered here, Archaeopterix.
The quarry originally produced Lithographic Limestone.

During the Jurassic Period, the area was an archipelago, at the edge of the Tethys Sea.
Creatures that died were covered in a soft carbonate mud, preserving so many delicate structures.

This crab is in super condition, and there are trackways visible on the plate (see photo)

There has been a repair to the very top of the plate, but this does not detract from a superb display fossil.

Plate Size:  45cms x 33cms

Fossil Size:  14cms x 8cms

Trackway:  21cms long





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