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Microfossil Block
Amazing microfossil block

Microfossil Block
Close up of polished surface

Microfossil Block
Wonderful display of fossils

Microfossil Block
Looking into a 3D micro world

Microfossil Block
What a study piece

Microfossil Block
Huge variety of microfossils

Microfossil Block

Product description

An amazing, polished block, of different varieties of marine micro organisms. It dates from the Miocene, 40 million years old, discovered in the Miocene Marl of Barbados.

They were single celled marine organisms, very similar in lifestyle to plankton, floating in the ocean currents.
Like foraminifera, they formed siliceous shells.

They first emerged more than 600 million years ago, and are still common in the oceans of today.

Microfossils are an extremely important group, explaining the function of ancient oceans, and used to date sedimentary rocks.

This block contains Radiolarians, Testaceafilosea, and Chromista, among others.

This is an amazing study piece, or a marvellous addition to a marine collection.
The polished surface displays a myriad of organisms, as can be seen from the photographs.

A wonderful, and unmissable piece.

Size:  12cms x 8cms





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