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Teeth Mosasaur
Mosasaur Jaw Double
Amazing Mosasaur double jaw

Mosasaur Jaw Double
Teeth in situ on the jaw

Mosasaur Jaw Double
Display includes a tooth in matrix

Mosasaur Jaw Double
Great display piece

Mosasaur Jaw Double

Product description

A superb double Halisaurus Mosasaur jaw display, with original teeth on matrix. It was discovered in Khourigba, Morocco, and dates from the Cretaceous Period, 95 million years old.

Mosasaurs are related to modern day land lizards, such as Monitors and Gila Monsters, and ranged in size from 1 metre, to a giant 15 metres in length.
They preyed on large fish, turtles, and plesiosaurs.

Halisaurus (Ocean Lizard) was small in comparison to other Mosasaurs. They would have hunted in open waters, but were likely to have hidden in underwater holes, a little like modern day Moray Eels, seizing unsuspecting prey as thay passed.

This is a superb addition to a collection, and makes for a great display piece.

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