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Teeth Mosasaur
Mosasaur globidens 3
Beautiful unrestored Globidens tooth

Mosasaur globidens 3
Enamel in fantastic condition

Mosasaur globidens 3
Exceptional tooth

Mosasaur globidens 3
Artists impression of a Mososaur

Mosasaur globidens 3

Product description

This spectacular tooth was discovered in the phosphate mines of Kouribgha, Morocco.

It dates from the Cretaceous Period, 146m to 65m years old.

Globidens was a species of mosasaur about 6 m (20 ft) in length and very much like other mosasaurs in appearance(streamlined body with flippers, a laterally flattened tail and powerful jaws).

However, the teeth of Globidens were very different from other mosasaurs, as they were globular, as suggested in its generic name.

Most mosasaurs had sharp teeth evolved to grab soft, slippery prey like fish and squid, which, in later species, were  modified to rend flesh, as well. While many other mosasaurs were capable of crushing the shells of ammonites, none were as specialized in dealing with armored prey like Globidens.

Globidens, unlike most other mosasaurs, had semi-spherical teeth with rounded nubbin-like points, which were much better suited for crushing tough armored prey like small turtles, ammonites, nautili, and bivalves.

This globidens tooth is in beautiful condition with no restoration, and has amazing detail and colour.

One of the best!

Size:   1.75cms tall and 3cms in diameter





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