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Teeth Mosasaur
Mosasaur tooth 5
Perfect Mosasaur tooth

Mosasaur tooth 5
Brown Enamel still intact

Mosasaur tooth 5
tooth tip in superb condition

Mosasaur tooth 5
Artists impression of a Mosasaur

Mosasaur tooth 5

Product description

A large quality tooth in great condition from a Mosasaur, liodon anceps, discovered in the Upper Cretaceous layer, Oued Zem, Morocco.
The tooth is 90m years old.
Mosasaurs are related to modern day land lizards such as Gila Monsters, and Monitors, and ranged in size from around 1 metre to giants of 15 metres or more.
They preyed on large fish, turtles, and Plesiosaurs.
This tooth is in great condition, with excellent enamel & colouration.
Size:    5 cms long





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