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Mosasaur globidens
Mosasaur globidens tooth

Mosasaur globidens
Semi spherical shape

Mosasaur globidens
Very collectable tooth

Mosasaur globidens

Product description

A mosasaur globidens tooth from the Cretaceous of Morocco, 65 million years old, discovered in Khourigba.
They grew up to 6 metres in length, and were very similar to the other Mosasaurs.
The difference was in their teeth. Rather than sharp pointed teeth, they had semi-spherical teeth with rounded points.
They were better suited for crushing tough armoured prey such as turtles, ammonites, and bi-valves.
Globidens is much rarer than their more common fish eating cousins.
Not a perfect tooth, but still a great addition to a collection at a fair price.
Size:    3.5 cms long







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