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Moyenisauropus Dinosaur Track
RARE Moyenisauropus Dinosaur Track

Moyenisauropus Dinosaur Track
Superb impression wonderfully preserved

Moyenisauropus Dinosaur Track
THe reverse of the plate displays water ripples

Moyenisauropus Dinosaur Track
A part of the article in National Geographic

Moyenisauropus Dinosaur Track

Product description

Incredibly RARE track from the ornithsician Dinosaur, Moyenisauropus ellenberger, discovered in the Holy Mountains near Ozarow, Southern Poland.

It dates from the Jurassic Period, 200m to 196m years old.

Moyenisauropus was an herbiverous Dinosaur, and would have been the prey of the therapod Dinosaurs, such as Allosaurus.

The track is very clear on the plate, and the reverse has water ripples (hard to do them justice in a photograph).

Paleontologists found a large number of trackways of various species of Jurassic Dinosaurs in this location.

The find was documented in National Geographic Magazine at the time of the find.

This track is RARE, and we have had this in our possession for some time.

If you are a collector of trace fossils, this is one for you.

Size:  33 cms x 31 cms








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