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Multi Ammonite Plate
Superb display ammonite plate

Multi Ammonite Plate
Close up of first "curly" ammonite

Multi Ammonite Plate
Close up of second "curly" ammonite

Multi Ammonite Plate
Close up of the third "curly" ammonite

Multi Ammonite Plate
Close up of the four Gerastos ammonite glabella

Multi Ammonite Plate
Beautiful, and collectable, natural fossil art

Multi Ammonite Plate

Product description

This amazing plate contains three "curly" ammonites of the species Anetoceras, and was discovered in Erfoud, Morocco.

They date from the Devonian Period, and are 407 to 398 million years old.

Anetoceras ammonites can be either involute or evolute in form, and these are a clear example of involute, where successive whorls increase in size, and also separation . This is known as a gyrocone.

These ammonites are only found in one location in Morocco, and are extremely difficult to prepare.

As a bonus, also on the same plate, are four glabellae of the trilobite species Gerastos ainrasifus, of the order Proetida. They typically have an inflated glabella, large eyes, and pustulose ornamentation.

This is a stunning and aesthetic piece of "natural art". It will make a beautiful display piece.



Plate:                                   27 cms x 25 cms

Ammonites:                        7.5 cms diameter, 7.0 cms diameter, & 5.5 cms diameter

Trilobite glabellae:             2.0 cms to 3.0 cms wide.






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