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Multi Fish Plate
Unprecedented mortality plate

Multi Fish Plate
Beautiful Knightia fish

Multi Fish Plate
What catastrophy befell these unsuspecting fish

Multi Fish Plate
Superb preservation

Multi Fish Plate
Large group of fossils, more than 100 in total

Multi Fish Plate
A wonderfully decorative mortality plate

Multi Fish Plate

Product description

We have had many fish plates pass through our hands, but never a plate with such an abundance of fish.
There are more than a hundred fish on this plate

On offer is a beautiful multi-fish plate, from the world famous Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA.
It dates from the Eocene Period, and is 50 million years old.

This is an exceptionally well preserved piece, with a huge abundance of Knightia fish. 
Knightia were common, and were unfortunate enough to be the prey of most of the other fish that existed at that time.

50 million years ago a lake existed in what is now Wyoming, with a size of around 930 square miles. The unusual chemistry of the lake prevented decay and the scavenging of the dead organisms, while thin layers of alternating limestone and organic matter slowly accumulated.
The resulting limestone beds contain the highest concentration of fossillised fish in the world.
During the Eocene the region was sub tropical to temperate.

A piece of "Fossil Art" for display in the home, or office.

This is a highly unusual and rare plate, not to be missed.

Please enquire about framing if you require this to be done.

Size:  28cms x 22cms





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