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Oreodont Skull 5
Superb top quality Oreodont Skull

Oreodont Skull 5
In perfect condition

Oreodont Skull 5
Top of the skull

Oreodont Skull 5
View of the lower jaw

Oreodont Skull 5
Incredible patina on the skull

Oreodont Skull 5
Artists impression of an Oreodont

Oreodont Skull 5

Product description

This is one of the best Oreodont skulls we have been able to offer for sale. It is perfect in every detail, with a wonderful patina.

It is of a good size, and is an Oreodont Skull of Merycoidodon, from the Upper Brule Formation, White River Badlands, Nebraska, USA.

It lived during the Oligocene, 35 million years ago.
Oreodonts are an extinct mammal distantly related to pigs, camels, hippopotamuses, and peccaries.
Over 50 species have been described.

They grazed the grassland and praries of North America, mysteriosly disappearing during the Pliocene.
Oreodonts have large canine front teeth, and molars for chewing vegetation.
A very good price for such a specimen.

Incredible to own the skull of an animal that roamed the plains of America over 35m years ago.

A highly collectable piece, in superb condition.

Size:  12cms x 8cms





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