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Orthoceras Sculpture
Free standing Orthoceras sculpture

Orthoceras Sculpture
Incerdible detail of these creatures

Orthoceras Sculpture
Wonderful for display in the home or office

Orthoceras Sculpture

Product description

A wonderful, free standing sculptural artwork, comprising Orthoceras fossils, mounted on a polished black stone base.

Orthoceras, meaning "Straight Horn", is an extinctnautiloid Cephalopod.
They date from the Ordovician Period, 488m to 443m years old.

The profusion of these extinct creatures is thought to represent post mating mass deaths, similar to modern day cephalopods.
However, we do not see the same in todays nautiloids.

This is a fabulous, and highly unusual, natural piece of art for the home or office.

Size:  24 cms tall.





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