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Otodus Shark Vertebrae
Incredibly rare Otodus vertebral column

Otodus Shark Vertebrae
Superb fossilisation of the associated vertebrae

Otodus Shark Vertebrae
Artists impression of Otodus

Otodus Shark Vertebrae

Product description

An incredible, large, partial vertebral column from the extinct shark Otodus obliquus, discovered in Kem Kem Basin, Morocco. The fossil dates from the Paleocene, 60m years old.

 Otodus obliquus is an extinct mackerel shark which lived during the Paleocene and Eocene epochs The shark is known mainly from fossil teeth, and, occasionally, fossilized vertebral centra.
Like other elasmobranchs, the skeleton of Otodus was composed of cartilage and not bone, resulting in relatively few preserved skeletal structures. Teeth are common, and occasional vertebra well known, but to find an associated vertebral column is incredibly rare, bearing in mind the cartiliginous nature of the shark skeleton.

The fossils of Otodus indicate that it was a very large predatory shark, often reaching 9 metres (30 feet) in length. The shark was widespread, with remains discovered in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.
It is thought to have preyed on marine mammals, large bony fish, and other sharks, and was among the top predators of its time.

Do not miss this opportunity to own such a rare shark fossil.
This is the only one of this size we have ever seen.

Size: 4 feet long (approx)







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