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Pallasite Meteorite
Super Pallasite Meteorite

Pallasite Meteorite
Nickel Iron and Olivine Crystals

Pallasite Meteorite
Discovered in Russia in 1967

Pallasite Meteorite
With light behind the crystals illuminate

Pallasite Meteorite

Product description

On offer is the holy grail of sought after meteorites, a Pallasite Meteorite, discovered in Russia.

It is a Stone - Iron Meteorite, of nickel iron with Yellow Olivine inclusions.
The structure is, in the main, nickel iron,with centimetre sized Olivine crystals of peridot quality.

They are thought to originate at the core/mantle boundary of asteroids that were shattered through impact.

Pallasites are named after Peter Pallas (1741 to 1811), who studied a specimen found near Krasnoyarsk in the mountains of Siberia.

Meteorite name:           SEYMCHAN
Location:                       Magadanskaya, Russia
Class:                             Pallasite PMG
TKW:                              323 kg
Date Discovered:          1967
Weight:                          128gms

This is a super quality slice from a Pallasite Meteorite.

It is sold with a guarantee of authenticity.

Meteorite Size:  11 cms x 10 cms

Display Case:    17 cms X 17 cms








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