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Paraelops cearensis
Museum quality Paraelops Fish on large plate

Paraelops cearensis
Close up of wonderful preservation of head

Paraelops cearensis
View of fins and scale preservation

Paraelops cearensis

Product description

On offer is a Museum quality Paraelops cearensis 3D fish from the famous Lagerstatte Santana Formation in Brazil. It dates from the Lower Cretaceous and is 108 to 92 million years old.
The quality of preservation is astounding, with scales, head, and fins in perfect condition, and has the advantage of being raised in a light coloured matrix slab.
Paraelops was an elongated predator, a fast swimmer, withan elongated body, narrow head, large eyes, and very small, needle sharp teeth.
Its modern relatives are popular amongst game fishermen for their strength and endurance.
The Santana Formation is to be found in North East Brazil, in the Araripe Basin. The strata were laid down during the early Cretaceous Period.
The location produces exceptionally well preserved and diverse fauna & Flora. Over 25 species of fish are known, along with pterosaurs, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and plants. Many soft parts were preserved during fossilisation. 
In the future it will become much more difficult to offer these spectacular fossils, as there are moves afoot to make the formation, and its fossil record, a protected area.
Do not miss this great investment opportunity. We have only one.
Perfect in every way, as reflected in the price.
We can quote to have the fish plate framed to your specification if required.
Plate Size:   55cms x 27cms
Fish size:     38cms long  





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