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Petrified Wood
Peanut Wood 2
Beautiful polished Peanut Wood

Peanut Wood 2
Highly decorative

Peanut Wood 2
A piece of natural art

Peanut Wood 2

Product description

This is a large and highly unusual slice of polished Peanut Wood, discovered in the Kennedy Ranges, 100 miles inland from Carnarvon, in Western Australia.

It dates from the Cretaceous Period, 145m to 65m years old.

The formation of Petrified Peanut Wood is a long and fascinating story.
Firstly it is not actually peanut wood, being called this because the white areas of the wood have the appearance of peanuts.

In fact, the wood began life as a conifer tree which died and was washed out to sea.
A species of wood eating clam lived there, known as Teredo navalis, or Shipworm, which still exist in the oceans of today.
Within weeks the clams were able to excavate deep tunnels into the wood.
This was stage 1 of the wood's history.

Stage 2 was when the wood sank to the ocean floor.
Tiny Plankton, known as Radiolarians, also lived there.
When they died their shells sank to the bottom and formed a white sediment which filled the boreholes in the wood, and, over a period of millions of years, the waterlogged wood turned into Petrified Wood.

This is an opportunity to own a large and wonderful display piece of natural art, with an extraordinary history.

We can quote you for mounting this piece if you request it at the time of purchase.

Size:  23cms (9") x 16cms (6.3")





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