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Pecten Shell Group
Beautiful Pecten Group

Pecten Shell Group
Flabelliformis Pectens

Pecten Shell Group
Fantastic preservation

Pecten Shell Group
Great display fossil

Pecten Shell Group
Rear of Pecten Group

Pecten Shell Group
Small pecten on rear of fossil

Pecten Shell Group

Product description

Pectens are a genus of marine bi-valve molluscs, and this assembly of different species was discovered near Bologna, Italy.

They date from the Pliocene Period, and are 5.3m to 2.6m years old.

Amongst this beautiful free standing group you will find Pecten Maximus (the large ones) and Pecten Flabelliformis (the shells attached to the larger one)

The rear of the piece also has other pectens attached as can be seen in the photograph.

This will make for a wonderful display piece, or a highly unusual present.

Size:  13cms x 9cms





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