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Pecten Shells
Pecten Shells 10
Quality huge Sea Urchin display

Pecten Shells 10
Beautifully prepared piece

Pecten Shells 10
Just one Pecten Shell on this slab

Pecten Shells 10

Product description

This is a beautiful display piece for the home.

The fossil slab was discovered in Provence, France, and is from the Mesozoic Era,12 million years old.

Pectens and sea urchins are still with us today, but these particular creatures have been frozen in time. The shell is a scallop, known as Pecten yessoensis.

Fossils can no longer be collected from this site, so these are from slabs of limestone we purchased many years ago. Because of this the fossils are expected to appreciate in value over the coming years

Nothing can be seen until preparation begins, and we never know what we will find. Sometimes many shells, and sometimes very few.

It is rare to find large sea urchins such as these so well preserved, and this plate is extraordinary due to the large number of quality Sea Urchins displayed.

This piece has wonderful colour, and makes a beautiful free standing display, especially in a bathroom.
SIZE:   290mm wide x 470mm high x 80mm thick








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