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Pentacrinites Holzmaden Crinoid
Amazing Holzmaden pyritised Crinoid

Pentacrinites Holzmaden Crinoid
Multi crinoid heads

Pentacrinites Holzmaden Crinoid
Close up of the fantastic preservation

Pentacrinites Holzmaden Crinoid

Product description

This beautiful pyritised Pentacrinites Crinoid was discovered in the oil-shale layer, of the Holzmaden area of Germany. It dates from the jurassic Period, 185 million years old.

The world famous Posidonia Oil-Shale, named after the bi-valve, Posidonia, is known from localities around Holzmaden and Dotternhausen, small villages in Southwestern Germany.

Fossils are found in this 9 metre thick shale, which is fine grained, and characteristically black in colour.
The colour is derived from a high concentration of organic material, and the diffusely distributed pyrite.

The shale was deposited in a marine basin, and the fossils are mostly preserved in perfect condition.

This pyritised Crinoid is no exception with astounding preservation.

Although resembling plants, they are members of the phylum Echinodermata, and fed by filtering plankton from the oceans.
They anchored themselves with their stems, and used their crowns to collect nutrients.

These dark fossils are notoriously difficult to photograph, but we have done our best to demonstrate the beauty of this fossil.

It is currently in a frame for better display.

You will not be disappointed with this wonderful fossil.

Frame size:                43cms x 39cms
Crinoid plate:             29cms x 24cms





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