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Pleistocecne Bear Skull
Super juvenile Bear Skull

Pleistocecne Bear Skull
Incredible condition

Pleistocecne Bear Skull
Top quality condition

Pleistocecne Bear Skull
Complete with all teeth

Pleistocecne Bear Skull
Great view of the canines

Pleistocecne Bear Skull

Product description

This is a superb juvenile skull of Ursus uralensis, discovered in Siberia, Russia. It dates from the Pleistocene Period, 200,000 to 40,000 years old.

Ursus uralensis was not a cave dwelling bear, and lived much as the modern grizzly bear does today.
It was omniverous, and would hibernate during the Winter months.

Like todays bears, it would have have been a formidible adversary.

This juvenile skull is complete with all teeth, and in great condition.

Not to be missed

Size: 25 cms x 15 cms





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