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Plesiosaur tooth

Plesiosaur tooth

Plesiosaur tooth

Plesiosaur tooth

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A good example of a Plesiosaur elasmosaur tooth, still in matrix. It lived from the Early Jurassic until the end of the Cretaceous, 135m to 65m years ago, and was discovered in Khourigba, Morocco.
Plesiosaur means "Close to Lizard", and it was a carniverous aquatic reptile, with a long neck and small head.
They are thought to have been relatively slow swimmers, cruising just below the surface, using their long necks to allow them to snatch up any unwary fish or cephalopods.
Elasmosaurs were among the largest of the Plesiosaurs.
A good addition to a marine collection.
Size:    matrix 7cms x 4cms





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