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Pseudocidaris 2
Beautifully prepared Pseudocidaris

Pseudocidaris 2
Aesthetic bulbous spines

Pseudocidaris 2
Close up of incredible detail

Pseudocidaris 2

Product description

A wonderful Pseudocidaris mammosa echinoid, discovered in the Kimeridgiegien Strata of Teruel, Spain

It dates from the Jurassic Period, 54 to 136 million years old.

This is a highly aesthetic fossil, and different in that it was discovered in Spain rather than the more common French variety.

Pseudocidaris, with its numerous bulbous spines, is perhaps the most exotic fossil echinoid in the world.

This fossil has been painstakingly cleaned over many hours.

The urchin itself is highly detailed, and the large club spines add to the display.

It has superb detail.

A wonderful addition to a private collection


Size:  6" x 5" x 5" tall





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