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Rainbow wood slice
Huge Museum quality tree slice

Rainbow wood slice
Slice of tree trunk from a large tree

Rainbow wood slice
Superb rainbow colours

Rainbow wood slice

Product description

A superb polished tree slice of petrified "Rainbow Wood", from the Triassic Period, 230 million years old. It was discovered in Arizona, USA.
This is a large slice through the trunk of a petrified tree from USA.
Many of these forests continued to exist during the time of the dinosaurs, and these trees would have been part of the scenario, much like the Amazon forests of today. The larger slices through the trunks are much rarer than the small pieces commonly found, and as such command higher prices. This piece is also much rarer because of its amazing "Rainbow" colouring, which is due to the inclusion of a variety of minerals during its petrification.
A piece very similar to this sold recently at auction for $6000.
This is a stunning example and great for display in the home.

Size:    65cms x 50cms (26 inches x 19.5 inches)
          Approximately 5cms (2 inches) thick  





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