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Rajorhina 2
Beautiful Rajorhina Guitar Fish

Rajorhina 2
Detail of head and fins

Rajorhina 2
Articulated vertebrae and perfect fin

Rajorhina 2
Incredible detail of tail and fins

Rajorhina 2
Close up Detail

Rajorhina 2
Wonderful display fossil for home or office

Rajorhina 2

Product description

This is a large Rajorhina latus fossil fish, discovered in the Cenomanian Strata, Sannine Limestone, Hajoula, Lebanon.

It dates from the Upper Cretaceous Period 99m to 93m years old.

Rajorhina was a genus of Guitar Fish, with an appearance half way between that of a Ray and a Shark.
They belonged to a group of predatory fish, with skeletons made of cartilage, such as Sharks, Rays, and Skates.

Rajorhina had incredibly small teeth, the largest of which would have been the size of a pin head.
Their skin was covered in small placoid scales.

They have living relatives in the seas of today, and they are known to bury themselves in the sandy sea floor, awaiting passing prey, such as small fish and invertebrates.

In life the environment of this creature was a warm shallow sea. The deposits where these fossils are found are only a few hundred meters across and are indicative of slow deposition during a stagnant stage. The fossils are found at depths of up to 800metres.

The current unrest in the area makes it more difficult to obtain such fossils from this locality.

This is an exceptional piece, and an incredibly decorative item for the home or office.

Certainly an appreciating asset for the future.

Size:   plate 100cms long.





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