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Raptor Claw
Magnificent Raptor Claw

Raptor Claw
Raptor Claw from above

Raptor Claw
Velociraptor artists impression

Raptor Claw

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This is a magnificently preserved claw from a raptor dinosaur, discovered in Hell Creek, South Dakota, USA, and dating from the Cretaceous Period, 115m to 65m years old. Dromaeosaurs are known by most people as "Raptors", a large group of extinct Dinosaurs. They had clawed feet & large grasping hands, but in particular they had a large claw on their second toe, used for slashing their prey. They ranged enormously in size, from a large chicken, right up to 25 feet in length or more. All were carnivorous, and hunted their prey with great dexterity. Of course they are best known from the Jurassic Park films. This is a superb addition to a collection, and not to be missed Size: 1.5 inches





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