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Reef Shark 1
Very rare fossil Reef Shark

Reef Shark 1
Complete fins beautifully preserved

Reef Shark 1
Tail and fins in great condition

Reef Shark 1
View of head and preserved fins

Reef Shark 1

Product description

This is an incredibly rare Reef Shark, Paratriakis curtirostris, discovered in the Sublithographic Limestone, Cenomanian Stage, Hakel, Lebanon.

It dates from the Upper Cretaceous, 95 million years old.

Complete sharks are rare in the fossil record, as their skeletons are composed of cartilage, and not bone.
For this reason, it is mainly teeth that are discovered.
This fossil has outstanding cartilage preservation.
Such a beautiful and complete example is highly unusual and very collectable.

Sharks have changed very little over millions of years, and their modern equivalents are equally efficient predators in the oceans of today.

The reef sharks inhabited warm lagoons and fed on fish, squid, cephalopods, crabs, lobsters, and shrimps.

Typical of sharks are the two large dorsal fins and the anal fin.

In life the environment of this creature was a warm shallow sea. The deposits where these fossils are found are only a few hundred meters across and are indicative of slow deposition during a stagnant stage. The fossils are found at depths of up to 800metres.

The current unrest in the area makes it more difficult to obtain such fossils from this locality.

This is an exceptionally rare, collectable fossil, and an incredibly decorative item for the home or office.

A real investment for the future.

Size:  Plate  100cms long





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