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Trace fossils
Reptile Fossil Footprint
Trace fossil in matrix

Reptile Fossil Footprint
Clear view of classic rounded digits

Reptile Fossil Footprint
Rare, and unusual footprint

Reptile Fossil Footprint

Product description

An extremely rare, and unusual trace fossil from the Permian Reptile, Amphiosauropus latus. It dates from the Permian, 290 million years old, and was discovered in Wambiercyc, Poland.
Amphiosauropus was widely distributed throughout Europe in the Permian, and was a medium to large sized herbivore.
The footprint shows the classic rounded digit tips associated with the footprints of this reptile.
A wonderful opportunity to own a rare trace fossil from this prehistoric reptile.
Size:    20cms x 10cms 





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