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Sandstone Art
Sandstone Art
Large, natural art plaque Side A

Sandstone Art
Beautiful landscape Side A

Sandstone Art
All natural sandstone Side B

Sandstone Art
Every piece unique Side B

Sandstone Art
Naturally occuring Sandstone

Sandstone Art

Product description

The sandstone is to be found in the mountains of Utah, and is known as "Navajo Sandstone", named after the Indian Tribe residing there.
The sandstone produces incredibly beautiful, natural, works of art.

This is natural sandstone, formed 120 million years ago by wind and water, then coloured by iron oxides. It has not been altered in anyway except for cutting into slabs for display. Every piece is an original work of art produced by Mother Nature.


A wonderful display item for the home or office.


Every piece is unique.


Size:  480mm x 185mm x 10mm





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All pieces are sold with a full description of the fossil and its origins, and comes with a money-back, lifetime guarantee of authenticity.