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Scrabiscutellum Trilobites
Scrabiscutellum Trilobite 5
Outstanding Scrabriscutellum furciferum trilobite

Scrabiscutellum Trilobite 5
Outstanding view of the cephalon

Scrabiscutellum Trilobite 5
Typical rounded pygidium of this trilobite

Scrabiscutellum Trilobite 5

Product description

An excellent Scrabiscutellum furciferumTrilobite, discovered in Alnif, Morocco. It dates from the Devonian Period, 395m to 345m years old.

Typical of this species of trilobite is the rounded, fanned out, pygidium.

A good quality trilobite to add to a collection, or a very unusual present.

Trilobite Size:  6 cms long







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