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Shrimp Solnhofen
Wonderful, Solnhofen framed Shrimp

Shrimp Solnhofen
Incredible preservation

Shrimp Solnhofen
Close up of head & feelers

Shrimp Solnhofen

Product description

A beautifully preserved Shrimp from Eichstatt, Solnhofen Limestone deposits, Germany

It dates from the Late Jurassic, 199m to 145m years ago.
This is a very large example, with exceptional preservation of the body, and feelers, from a world famous site.
It shows a superb contrast to the light coloured limestone.

We have framed the fossil for better presentation.
Don't miss this one.
A great addition to a collection, or a great display piece in the home or office.
Frame:               43cms x 44cms
Shrimp:              14cms long







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