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Snake Egg 3
An incredibly rare snake egg fossil

Snake Egg 3
Egg nicely displayed on matrix

Snake Egg 3
Close up of egg

Snake Egg 3

Product description

This is an incredibly rare snake egg, discovered in Broxwiller bas Rhin, France.
We are lucky to have two such eggs in our possesion at this moment.

It dates from the Miocene, 56.5m to 35.5m years ago.

Madtsoidae are an extinct group of mostly Gondwanen snakes, with a fossil record extending from the Upper Cretaceous to the Pleistocene.
It is thought these primitive snakes despatched their prey very much like modern constrictors, such as the Python family.

Although the exact species of the snake is hard to determine, such fossils are extremely rare.
This is a must have for a collection.
Size:    matrix 5cms x 5cms
          egg     1.5cms long





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