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Squid Coprolite
Solnhofen Coprolite Fossil

Squid Coprolite
Jurassic Squid Lumbricaria

Squid Coprolite
Raised in 3D on the plate

Squid Coprolite
As found, unrestored

Squid Coprolite

Product description

A wonderful trace fossil from Eichstatt Germany. Discovered in the Solnhofen lithographic limestone formation, it dates from the Jurassic Period, 150 million years old.
The coprolite is of the Jurassic squid, Lumbricaria intestinum, and is complete, without repair or restoration.

Solnhofen is near Munich, and is one of the world's most famous fossil sites. In the Upper Jurassic a lagoon, linked to the sea covered the area, and the fossils were preserved in a fine sediment. The fine grain of the rock means that even the minutest details are preserved.

Not only fish and marine creatures are preserved here, but also land animals that died and were washed into the lagoon.
The most famous fossil of all, the prehistoric bird, Archaeopterix, was discovered in this formation.

This museum quality, coprolite fossil, is superb, and a must for any serious collector.

Size:  9cms x 9cms





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