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Stegodon partial jaw with Tooth
Stegodon Tooth, 600,000 yrs, China

Stegodon partial jaw with Tooth
Tooth showing black patina

Stegodon partial jaw with Tooth
View displaying the jawbone

Stegodon partial jaw with Tooth

Product description

A rare and beautiful Stegodon partial jawbone with perfect tooth, displaying a fantastic, lustrus, black patina. This specimen hails from Panxian Dadong, Guizhou, China, and dates from the Middle Pleistocene, 600,000 years ago.
Stegodon was a primitive elephant, and is the ancestor of the modern day elephants.
It was also the largest of all the extinct elephants, standing 14 feet high at the shoulder, and up to 25 feet long. It carried before it two very large, almost straight tusks, up to 10 feet in length.
The tooth structure is very particular to this creature, having very pronounced ridges on the molars, enabling it to eat tough vegetation.
This wonderful display item, is the best we have seen in recent years, and should not be missed by the serious collector.
It can be stand mounted for better display if requested.
Size:      31cms x 18cms
Weight: 6.5kg





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