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Struthiomimus Claw
Struthiomimus hand claw

Struthiomimus Claw
Discovered in Hell Creek, Montana

Struthiomimus Claw
Great addition to a collection

Struthiomimus Claw

Product description

Super Hand Claw (Ungal) of the ostrich mimic Dinosaur Struthiomimus sedens, discovered in the Hell Creek Formation, Carter County, Montana.

It dates from the Upper Cretaceous Period, 100m to 65m years old.

Struthiomimus was a long legged member of the Orithomimosaurs, and could probably run as fast as modern day ostriches.
Its toothless jaws point to the fact that it was more than likely a herbivore.
It had the longest hand claws of any known Orithomimosaur.

It is in fair condition, and would make a great addition to a collection.

Size:  6.5 cms long





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