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Triceratops Tooth
Triceratops Image

Triceratops Tooth
Angular shape of tooth

Triceratops Tooth
A must for a tooth collection

Triceratops Tooth

Product description

This very small tooth is one among numerous others from the mouth of an adult Triceratops, and was discovered in Hell Creek, South Dakota, USA. It dates from the Late Cretaceous, 72m to 65m years old.
This is a "Spit Tooth", ejected from the Dinosaurs mouth while still alive.
Their teeth never grew beyond this size, but their mouths contained many
Triceratops is a well known Dinosaur, with its armoured head, neck frill, and three horns.
When adult, these creatures could weigh around 11 tons.
A nice tooth. No fossil tooth collection should be without a Triceratops tooth 
Size: 6 mm







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