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Tyrannosaurus rex
Limited Edition Rob Sula print of Tyrannosaurus

Tyrannosaurus rex
Tyrannosaurus mid roar

Tyrannosaurus rex
Huge skull and teeth

Tyrannosaurus rex

Product description

Tyrannosaurus rex in mid roar, the most famous dinosaur that ever lived.
It lived 65 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous, and was a huge carniverous Dinosaur.
Tyrannosaurus, despite being extinct, is a modern day icon of the screen, and the most talked and read about Dinosaur that ever existed.
The name translates as "Tyrant King Lizard", and it was the largest member of the Tyrannosaurid family. It was over 20 feet tall, and 40 feet long. The skull alone was 5 feet in length, with huge teeth.
This is a wonderful limited edition Rob Sula print of this amazing creature.
It can be framed if required. Please enquire. 
45cm x 30.5cm 







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