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Fish Plate Diplomystus dentatus
Framed Eocene Dipomystus

Fish Plate Diplomystus dentatus
Superb preservation

Fish Plate Diplomystus dentatus
Tail fin close up

Fish Plate Diplomystus dentatus

Product description

Age:           Eocene  (50m yrs old)
Fossil Site:   Green River Formation, Fossil Lake, Wyoming, USA
Description: This wonderful specimen comes from the world famous Laggerstatten Green River. The site produces a large extent of soft tissue preservation and this can be seen here.
Diplomystus is distantly related to modern herrings, and was a surface feeder, as shown by their upturned mouths, and body shape.

They fed on smaller surface dwelling fish.

During the Eocene the region was sub tropical to temperate. 
A beautiful piece of natural art for the home
Fossi Platel:      69cm x 55cm (27" x 22")

Frame:            80cm x 67cm (31.5" x 26")

Weight:          19.2kg (40 lbs)








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