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Dragon Fly larvae Libuella doris
Sympathetic framing

Dragon Fly larvae Libuella doris
Cloe up of larvae, including a partially eaten leaf

Dragon Fly larvae Libuella doris
Amazing Dragon Fly Larvae

Dragon Fly larvae Libuella doris

Product description

Age: Upper Miocene, Messinian, (25m. years old)

Fossil site: Turin, Piemont, Italy

Description: These Dragonfly larvae are from the family Libellulidae.

Non marine fossils arthropods are known only from a few deposits in the world. The most beautifully preserved are found in this region of Italy.

In the Miocene, a Mediterranean salinity crisis occurred, and caused the death of many creatures.

A plate such as this with so many dragon fly larvae preserved is very rare and makes this a very exceptional piece.

9cm x 8cm
Frame:       52cm x 52cm
Weight:      6.4kg





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