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Fish plate (1) Mioplosis labrocoides
Framed Eocene Mioplosis Fish

Fish plate (1) Mioplosis labrocoides
Distinctive colouration of the fossil

Fish plate (1) Mioplosis labrocoides
Close up of fish detail

Fish plate (1) Mioplosis labrocoides

Product description

Age: Eocene (50m years old)

Fossil site: Green river formation, Wyoming, USA

Description: this fossil comes from the world famous Laggerstatten Green river in the USA.
The site produces a large extent of soft tissue preservation as evidenced in the fish.

Mioplosus is the ancestor of the Perch and was a voracious predator. Often they can be found in the fossil record eating other fish.
It is easily identified by its elongated shape and canine-like teeth.

The preservation here is superb, with an impression of scales and the dark body is a wonderful counter point to the light matrix. During the Eocene the region was sub tropical to temperate.
Sympathetically framed, and a wonderful piece to hang in the home

Fossil Fish:           19cms long
Frame:                 37.5cm x 35.5cm
Weight:                4 kg

Comparative currencies:       US$ 395       EUR 295       Yen 32000      





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