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Floor Tiles
Fossilised stone Floor Tiles
Fossiliferous stone tiles

Fossilised stone Floor Tiles
Brown Fossiliferous stone tile

Fossilised stone Floor Tiles
Rare tiles from Madagascar, to special order

Fossilised stone Floor Tiles

Product description

These floor tiles contain fossilised creatures dating back to the Silurian Era, 400 million years ago, and these are amongst the earliest recognised animals on the planet. The rock of the floor tiles dates from this era and contains the fossilised remains of such creatures. The tiles are highly polished, and can be supplied in black, or various shades of brown. When installed, the effect is absolutely stunning. 
Tiles can be produced in most sizes, and can be custom made to suit individual requirements.
Prices vary dependant upon the sizes required.
As a guide;
Prices start at £45 (40x40) per tile, £60 (50x50) per tile, and £80 (60x60) per tile. Tiles are approx. 2 cms thick.
Other sizes can be cut to the sizes and shapes you require (ie. square, rectangular,etc) and will be individually quoted to meet your demands.
Do contact us for further details of this superb flooring material. 





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All pieces are sold with a full description of the fossil and its origins, and comes with a money-back, lifetime guarantee of authenticity.