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Jurassic Fish lizard Ichthyosaur communis
View of artwork with Jurassic fossil installed

Jurassic Fish lizard Ichthyosaur communis
Close up of Ichthyosaur

Jurassic Fish lizard Ichthyosaur communis
Close up of paddle & vertebrae

Jurassic Fish lizard Ichthyosaur communis

Product description

Age: Jurassic (245m to 90m years old)

Fossil site: Lyme regis, United Kindom

Description: Ichthyosaur, meaning Fish Lizard, swam in the Mesazoic Ocean and spanned the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, during the time of the dinosaurs. They were not very fish-like in that they had the appearance of lizards with fins, but they were fast swimmers, enabling them to catch their prey. They were voracious predators and mostly ate anything that came their way. This is a very rare set of 53 associated vertebrae and some bones including rib sections and a most rare paddle. This bone assembly is highly collectable.
The bones have been mounted on a piece of shale from the same place that they were discovered for better display. 

Fossil: 8cm x 77cm
Frame: 48.5cm x 114cm
Weight: 14.4kg





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