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Large ammonite Procheloniceras
Ammonite mounted on stone base

Large ammonite Procheloniceras
Close up of ammonite centre

Large ammonite Procheloniceras

Product description

Age: Lower Cretaceous (112m. years old)

Fossil site: Aptian Limestone, Coastal Sahara Desert, Morocco.

Description: This is a massive ammonite of the species Procheloniceras.

The species has yet to be taxonomically described, but can be found in many locations worldwide.

Ammonites evolved from nautiloids in the early Devonian Period and are related to today's squid, octopus and chambered nautiloids. Air in the chambers of the ammonites enabled them to float.
A superb, freestanding,  natural sculpture, for display in the home or office environment. 

Fossil: 41cm x 46cm
Base: 36cm x 19cm
Weight: 37.3kg





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