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Lobster Palinurus
Sympathetically framed Lobster

Lobster Palinurus
Wonderful preservation & colour

Lobster Palinurus
Close up of pincers

Lobster Palinurus

Product description

Name:           Lobster,  Palinurus.
Age:             Middle Cretaceous, Cenomanian (97.5 to 91m yrs old).
Fossil Site:      Limestone deposits of Hakel, Hajoula, Lebanon.
Description:    Palinurus is an ancestor of todays spiny lobsters.

They are found in the Lower Cenomanian at a depth of around 270m below the surface.

In life the environment of these creatures was a warm shallow sea.

The current unrest in the area makes it more difficult to obtain these fossils.
Just look at the incredible detail and preservation of this fossil.
In as found state, these fossils are hard to see, so it has been naturally coloured for better presentation.
What a superb piece to hang in the home or office.
Fossil:  25cm x 17cm
Frame: 38cm x 28.5cm
Comparative currencies:       US$ 780       EUR 570       Yen 63000





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