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Mud crab Harpactocarcinus punctulatus
Harpactocarcinus Mud Crab

Mud crab Harpactocarcinus punctulatus
Close up of pincers

Mud crab Harpactocarcinus punctulatus
Highly detailed crab fossil

Mud crab Harpactocarcinus punctulatus

Product description

Age: Middle Eocene (45m years old)

Fossil site: Rossi Quarry, Italy

Description: This is a beautiful, well preserved crab of large size.

It has fantastic preservation of the claws and a nicely textured carapace. It is a member of the Xathidae, or mud crabs, and would have frequented the soft muddy substrates, where it would have grubbed for detritus and small worms.
The quality of this crab is amazing, with incredible detail of the pincers.
Wonderful for display in the home or office, and a great talking point.

11.5cm x 17cm
Base: 20cm diameter





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