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Notelops + others
Incredible 2 species fish plate

Notelops + others
Notelops brama predatory fish

Notelops + others
Superb definition of the fossil fish

Notelops + others

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A superb large fish plate featuring 2 species of fish, including a superb Notelops brama, from Brazil.
The fish date from the Lower Cretaceous, Late Aptian-Cenomanian, and are 108 to 92 million years old. They were discovered in the Santana Formation, Ceara, Northeastern Brazil.

The larger fish on the plate is a Notelops brama, a member of the order Elopiformes, a tarpon-like fish. There are no modern day descendants of this prehistoric fish.
They were fast swimming predators feeding on smaller midwater fish, usually swallowing them whole. When young it is thought they fed on insects, as well as small minows.
They lived in warm, shallow bodies of water, such as mangrove swamps, later moving to open bodies of water where they could hunt their prey.

In addition we have another species of fish present on this amazing plate, Tharrias araripis.
These were a Teleost, or ray-finned fish, and are a distant ancestor of today's tunafish, herrings, and marlin.
They preyed on smaller fish.

The Santana Formation is to be found in North East Brazil, in the Araripe Basin. The strata were laid down during the early Cretaceous Period.
The location produces exceptionally well preserved and diverse fauna & Flora. Over 25 species of fish are known, along with pterosaurs, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and plants. Many soft parts were preserved during fossilisation. 
In the future it will become much more difficult to offer these spectacular fossils, as there are moves afoot to make the formation, and its fossil record, a protected area.

All the fish are raised in 3D relief on the plate, making a stunning display.
This is a one off piece of natural art, and will look incredible when hung on a wall.

Ask us about framing if this is what you wish.

An incredible piece, and not to be missed.

Size of plate:    75cms long The plate is set into black acrylic. A superb artwork for the home or office.





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