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Stingray Cyclobatis major
Super Cyclobatis stingray

Stingray Cyclobatis major
Wonderful definition of the Ray

Stingray Cyclobatis major
Highly collectable stingray

Stingray Cyclobatis major
Beautiful Lebanese Ray

Stingray Cyclobatis major

Product description

Age: Middle cretaceous, Cenomanian stage (97.5 to 91m. years old)

Fossil site: Limestone deposits of Hakel, Hajoula, Lebanon

Description: The fossil is a short tailed ray, actually a skate.

Cartilage does not preserve as well as bone, so the preservation here is excellent.

In life the environment of this creature was a warm shallow sea. The deposits where these fossils are found are only a few hundred meters across and are indicative of slow deposition during a stagnant stage. The fossils are found at depths up to 800metres.

The current unrest in the area make it more difficult to obtain these fossils.
This is a rare stingray from Lebanon. The preservation is excellent, and it is a beautiful piece of natural art for home or office.

Fossil: 15cm x 25.5cm
Frame: 36cm x 45.5cm
Weight: 3.6kg





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