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Petrified Wood Tiles
Floor tile examples, differing sizes

Petrified Wood Tiles
Cross cut petrified wood floor tiles

Petrified Wood Tiles

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Petrified wood is actually fossilised wood that has become rock hard through crystallization. This is why it is so durable. This type of flooring is prized for its beauty and of course its limited availability. This is the reason the value is extremely high when compared to even the most expensive of exotic hardwoods. In addition, it is very difficult to produce the tiles due to the extreme hardnesss of the petrified wood. The floor will need to be polished to maintain the original lustre. It rises above ordinary wood flooring on many fronts, but also because of its exceptional water resistance.
As a prestigious floor covering nothing comes close.
Colours vary considerably and it is totally due to the chemistry during its production. The inclusion of certain minerals gives it its various colours.
As a guide;
Copper, Cobalt, Chromium       Green/Blue
Manganese                            Pink
Carbon                                  Black
Iron Oxides                            Red, Brown, Yellow
Manganese Oxides                  Black
Silica                                     White, Grey
Of course there may be more than one of these inclusions on the same piece.
Prices start at £250 (40x40) per tile, £350 (50x50) per tile, and £500 (60x60) per tile. Tilese are approx 2cms thick.
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All pieces are sold with a full description of the fossil and its origins, and comes with a money-back, lifetime guarantee of authenticity.