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Trilobite Cambropallas telesto
Superb, Framed Cambrian Trilobite

Trilobite Cambropallas telesto
Great contrast between the trilobite and matrix

Trilobite Cambropallas telesto
Wonderful detail

Trilobite Cambropallas telesto

Product description

Age: Cambrian, 550m yrs old

Fossil site: Desbel, Ongnat, Morocco

Description: Cambropallas inhabited the seas during the Cambrian period, and are among some of the earliest trilobites to appear in the fossil record.

They have well developed genal spines, and clearly segmented glabella.
Often they are sold as Andalucian trilobites but differ because their posterior cephalic margin is much more arcuate.

These are among some of the earliest creatures to inhabit the earth.

Fossil: 29cm x 22cm
Frame: 52cm x 43.5cm
Weight: 6.6kg







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