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Large Museum Quality Earwig

Superb preservation of this fossil

Perfect in every way

Characteristic pincers on abdomen

Detail of legs


Product description

This Earwig was discovered in the Crato Formation of Brazil, and is 108m to 92m years old.

Earwigs belong to the order Dermaptera, and are characterised by a pair of pincers (cerci) on the rear of their abdomen.
They also have a pair of membraneous wings folded beneath their body, but they rarely use their flying ability.

They were mostly nocturnal, feeding on a wide variety of insects and plants.

Today, around 2000 different speciea of Earwigs exist.

Non marine fossils arthropods are known only from a few deposits in the world.

This fossil is RARE, LARGE, and of outstanding quality.

This is the only one we have ever been able to offer for sale, so do not miss this opportunity.

Plate Size:  15.5cms x 15cms





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