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Hadrosaur arm
Associated bones of Hadrosaur arm

Hadrosaur arm
Artists impression of Duck billed Dinosaur

Hadrosaur arm

Product description

A superb set of arm bones from the Duck Billed Dinosaur, or Hadrosaur, Edmontosaurus. It dates from the Cretaceous Period, 115m to 95m years ago, and they were discovered in the Hell Creek Formation,Powder River, Carter County, S E Montana, USA. 
They were called "Duck Billed" because of the shape of their snout, which greatly resembled the beak of a modern day duck.
Edmontosaurus was a herbivore, and travelled in herds alongside its companions.
They ate coarse vegetation which they ground up using teeth within their cheeks.
Hadrosaurs grew to be over 40 feet long, and weighed in at around 5 tons.
This is a very rare offer indeed, and an appreciating investment.
The bones are 100% original, with crack fills only, and an amazing chocolate coloured patina.
This is a one off piece, and almost three feet in length.
Don't miss this opportunity.
Size:   34 inches long






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